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Fiscal Responsibility


Fair Taxpayer Representation

“Randy is at his best when leading men and women working policy issues at the highest levels.  I know Randy will serve the citizens of Colorado Springs as he did our country for 40 years with integrity, selflessness and honor. ” 

Dr. Robert Kadlec
Former US Assistant Secretary of Health & Human Services  

“Conservative Randy Helms cares about this community and has devoted his life to service.  As the Gazette says about Randy Helms, ‘voters will get a man who advocates for proven policies that boost the economy,  improve transportation, help the homeless, address the lack of housing stock and  improve public safety’

Wayne Williams
City Council Member Former Colorado Secretary of State

“Join me in this opportunity to determine the future of our community. I recommend Randy Helms, a true community servant and patriot. My friend Randy – a husband, father, grandfather, decorated Veteran and a teacher – will provide strong dedicated leadership for our community. Vote for Randy Helms, City Council District 2.”

Larry Bagley
Former City Council Member, District 2


“Helms, an Air Force Academy graduate and decorated veteran, will never vote for recreational pot.  He will not advocate social justice policies based on pie-in-the-sky promises to control the climate or create income equality.  With Helms, voters will get a man who advocates for proven policies that boost the economy, improve transportation, help the homeless, address the lack of housing stock, and improve public safety.”

The Gazette 

Meet Your Neighbor, Randy Helms

My decision to run for Colorado Springs City Council was an extension of my choice of career – I want to continue to serve my community as I did my Nation. My family were public servants and they taught me to give back. My father was a police officer, small business owner and served our city as city council member and ultimately as mayor. He and my mother both inspired me to develop as a leader beginning with earning my Eagle Scout award followed by my appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. My time at the Academy is where I first fell in love with Colorado Springs and my future wife. We have three adult children and five grandchildren.

Randy’s Platform

Public Safety and Community Building

As the son of a police officer, I wholeheartedly support our police and our first responders.  For me, character counts.  I do not believe that we can or should tolerate violence, racism or discrimination. After the events of this past summer and prior to my decision to run for City Council I applied to participate on the newly formed Law Enforcement Transparency and Accountability Commission.  While I was not selected, my pledge if elected will be to work to ensure that commission becomes part of the solution.


I am keenly aware of the impacts of the pandemic on our small businesses and our local economy.  Working to provide constructive assistance, solutions for those impacted will be a priority.


The lack of funding for roads is a constant issue and Mayor Suthers has done a remarkable job getting some of this backlog handled but it is not enough.

Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Most communities are facing the challenge of an ever growing homeless population. I will work with the Mayor’s office, my peers on Council and the amazing non-profit community to come up with new and innovative solutions. In a fast growing community affordable housing is clearly a challenge and I will work with those in the community addressing these issues including being open to creative ideas such as cutting red tape and regulation so that building an affordable house is a more attainable goal for our community.


John Scaggs
President, CEO WAYFM Christian Radio

Larry Bagley
Former City Councilman, District 2

Dr. Robert Kadlec
Former US Assit. Secretary of Health and Human Services

Gregory Roman
CEO, Sudolynx Inc.

Lt Gen (retired) Michelle Johnson
Former Superintendent, USAFA

Jeff Ashby

Dr. James T. “Doc” Colvin, Jr.

Don Foster

Robert Beckwith

Gary Skubal

Melody Smith

Frank DeFalco

James Armington

Gregory Nemeth

Juliann and Russ McPadden

Bruce Lujan

Rexann and John Damato

Deanna Gallagher

Gary Erickson
Executive Custom Construction

Dave and Debbie Hammer
Hammer Homes

Joel Maynard, COL USAF (Ret.), Karl Von Kessel, COL USAF (Ret.), Michael Bradley, COL USAF (Ret.)
Owners, Hiflyght at Polaris Point

Marie and Ed Wilson

Tim Plaehn

Mike Hayes

Steve King, COL USAF (Ret.)

Mark Hyatt, Former President, The Classical Academy

Peter Bergamini

Cristen Helms

Tina Lundry

Razelle Doherty

Kobi Rex

Paul Swanson

KVOR Radio Personality Jeff Crank 

Shannon Strand

Gary Helfeldt

Tina and Gary Dudlley

Gooch Whittemore

COL USAF (Ret.) Don and Lisa Cohick

Kim and Chip Taylor

Mary Helms

Mike and Kristin Helms

Tim Fyda

Randi and Bryan Tangney

Paolo Pappalardo

Jeanne and Tom English

Mike Donatelli

Gerry & Kathy Turner

Michael Van Hoomissen

Bryan Peck

Marty Marcolongo

Samuel Hall

Jim Bensberg

Walt Davis

Samuel Hall

Dr. Robert Kadlec